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Hello My Name Is Amineko

Posted on: October 15, 2011

I’ve been crocheting things, and Mint requested to see the photos. xD Unfortunately, I can’t remember my twitter account details, so I couldn’t share with her. So…. finally I thought I’ll be less lazy and start to post again. πŸ˜› Recently, I’ve been making Amineko, from this book I borrowed from the Public Library:

It’s a really cute read, with 4-frame comic strips of Amineko and other kawaii and funny images. It provides 2 crochet patterns for a normal and a giant size Amineko. So far I’ve only worked with the normal-sized one.

Though working with just one pattern, varying size of material (4mm yarn and 1.25mm thread) results in:

With the different materials, the one on the left is about 30 cm tall and the one on the right being 11 cm tall fits right into my palm xD.

I then wanted to accessorize my Amienko. So I crocheted a mini vest and knitted a hat:

And I brought it out to show my friends, who requested to meet Amineko xD One of them got addicted to taking photos of Amineko and started shooting with both her phone and mine. Haha….

(Photo taken by my friend. That hand with the fork belongs to another friend. That bright triangle between the chair and the table belongs to my torso. The bag belongs to me.)

zzzZZZZ… (hope you enjoyed this post!)


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