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I’ve been crocheting things, and Mint requested to see the photos. xD Unfortunately, I can’t remember my twitter account details, so I couldn’t share with her. So…. finally I thought I’ll be less lazy and start to post again. 😛 Recently, I’ve been making Amineko, from this book I borrowed from the Public Library:

It’s a really cute read, with 4-frame comic strips of Amineko and other kawaii and funny images. It provides 2 crochet patterns for a normal and a giant size Amineko. So far I’ve only worked with the normal-sized one. Read the rest of this entry »


So what have I been up to recently? I’ve been rather occupied as compared to a few months ago. So occupied that I don’t play PG often now, or I’ll just login and be AFK. Haha… Why bother loggingin then, you might ask. I guess it’s habitual.

Here’s my current crochet project. I’m trying to make a long chain to use as long and short necklace, and bracelet 🙂 3 uses in 1 chain. I’m still not complete yet. Taking pictures with my com makes me crave for a camera. (I usually borrow my brother’s camera if I need, which isn’t very convenient)

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Hi all. Some of you might’ve heard, I’ve been trying to decorate a pair of shoes for myself with crochet lace 🙂 I finally finished sewing it to one side!! 😀 Feel so accomplished.

Shoes from CottonOn’s Rubi, Crochet Lace handmade and handsewn to shoe. It looks frilly heh.

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Today is the 15th day of the eighth month according to the Lunar Calender, and the moon is said to be at its fullest. Chinese celebrates this day eating pastries (called mooncake), drinking tea, eating pomelos etc. Kids will carry lanterns around, having fun. Traditionally it is a day to gather together and have a good time moon-gazing xD If I were to directly translate from the chinese words, it’ll be called “admiring the moon” (赏月).

Happy Mid-Autumn to all of you! 🙂

(illustration copyrighted by mintz. Please do not use it without authorization. Thanks.)

I think this might be the first of many posts unrelated to the game. Hopefully you guys won’t mind these miscellaneous posts! (will try my best to translate the chinese!)

I saw a post by my friend on facebook earlier on, it was one of those character surveys. Been some time since I did one of those things (I’m quite fond of these tests because sometimes you know more about yourself while doing it. Not because of the results, but more of observing how you react to those results. In a way, I think it helps me learn how I think of myself. It’s from a taiwanese website, so if you can’t read chinese, you can’t do it)

刚在facebook上看见一位朋友po了她的个性,后来也去试试 (本身蛮爱玩这类东西,某一方面来说会发现自己对自己的看法--像看到答案时自己的感受会是 “恩,没错” 或 “哼!烂答案”)。有兴趣的话,也可以去测看看!(http://www.dadupo.com.tw/play/test-1.htm)

以下(copy and paste)就是我的推算结果:

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